Push Yourself And Support Your Classmates In Our Semi-Private Training 

Looking for a high-energy workout that will keep you motivated week after week? Then join us at The Bunker Fitness for the best Small Group Training in Wethersfield. 

These fitness classes are led by dedicated instructors and span a wide range of exercises, helping you see sustainable results and avoid the dreaded plateau. Our Small Group Training classes are perfect for all experience levels. Learn more today! 


Fitness does not need to be these bland boring workouts, have fun, and work hard with our Strength Focused Group Training. Using a combination of cross-training, powerlifting, and strong man. Your workouts will never be boring. 


Find The Small Group Training Class That Works For You Or Try Them All!

At The Bunker Fitness, our goal is to offer classes that can work every inch of your body and meet the needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Join us in Wethersfield today and try out an exciting workout with the motivation and support of a few classmates around you. 

Our Small Group Training classes include:

Boot Camp: Train your entire body with high-energy cardio exercises and toning bodyweight movements. 

Core Conditioning: Burn fat and stabilize your core with a heart-racing workout that will help you lose weight and tone your body in no time. 

Tabata: These interval workouts keep your body guessing by spiking your heart rate with quick bursts of movement. The best way to see long-lasting results! 

Small-Group Training At The Bunker Fitness Can Help You Reach Any Goal Fast! 

We are proud to serve a wide range of clients, helping men and women of all ages achieve goals across the spectrum. Whether you're hoping to lose weight, tone muscles, or build strength across your entire body, we've got you covered.

Our Small Group Training Classes can help you:

  • Build your skills from the group up

  • Improve your cardiovascular endurance

  • Boost your speed, agility, and mobility 

  • Develop unbelievable self-confidence

  • Build strength and lean-tone muscle


Take The First Step Today! Learn More About The Best Small Group Training In Wethersfield!

There's no reason to hesitate. Fabi Elite Fitness is the answer for men and women across Wethersfield and we're ready to help you see sustainable success today! Get started with our Small Group Training classes now and watch your body transform in no time.

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