8 -Week Transformation

Shredded Summer


About this challenge

Summer is right around the corner and I want to help YOU start shedding these layers and shedding those extra winter pounds with my 8 Week Shredded Summer 1.0 Challenge. This is not just a weight loss challenge, this is a total body transformation challenge. This is your chance to get in the best shape of your life for Summer, and I will be with you the entire way pushing you in the gym to make progress. The workouts will not be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever came from being easy, so you will need to dig deep these next 8 weeks if you want a chance to WIN! This is your opportunity to make yourself a priority. Test your physical toughness but more importantly your mental toughness. And if you follow through these next 8 weeks, no matter what you will WIN!

🏆 What you can win

1st Place Male & 1st Place Female will win the following grand prize:

  1. $300 

  2. 1st Phorm Supplements

  3. Massage Envy Gift Card

  4. Edabolic Kitchen Gift Card

  5. Bunker Fitness Swag

Blue White Dynamics Gym Challange Instagram Post.png

🥇 How to win

    Submit your BEFORE pictures no later than Monday, June 20th using the Challenge Sheet below. Make sure to submit front, back & side photos! Keep your BEFORE photos because you will need them for the Final Submission.

    Submit your FINAL SUBMISSION photos by end of the day on August 12th. For your Final Submission Photos, you will download any pic collage app and you will put your BEFORE and AFTER photos side by side (see example*). Both front pose together, both side pose together, and both back pose together. In both the before and after you need to hold or post on wall behind you the Challenge Sheet, with your name, current date, and current weight.

  1. Sign up and become a member of the BUNKER FITNESS APP if you are not already!

  2. Sign up for THE BUNKER Shredded Summer 1.0 Challenge by JUNE 18th (Signing up for the challenge is $50 for members. This is separate from signing up for the BUNKER FITNESS APP). You'll submit some basic information as well as your before photos. KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BEFORE PHOTOS, because you will need them for the Final Submission at the end of the challenge submitting both the before and after side by side for your final submission.

  3. Follow the Bunker FItness training plan. Whether it's gym workouts, dumbbell only, bodyweight only, or a combination of all three, simply follow the workouts each week for the duration of the challenge (6/20 - 8/12).

  4. Follow a diet plan. Use the Bunker nutrition plan and tracker to help you set up your own meal plan that works for you.

  5. (Optional) Share your journey on social media using the hashtags #Bunkershreddedsummer1. This isn't required, but we'll be following along with these hashtags and it could help you stand out from other contestants.

  6. Put in the work! You have 8 weeks to make yourself a priority and test yourself both physically and mentally. This challenge will be based solely on physical transformations from your before and after photos. If you have any questions send us an email at Info@thebunkerfitness.com ( ShreddSummer in the SUBJECT)

  7. The final Submission is due by the end of the day on August  12th!

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