Compound Exercise VS Isolation Exercise

In the world of strength training and exercise the king of all strength movements are compound exercises. If you want to build the most strength and size these are the key to your success. But what are compound exercises and why are they so beneficial? Compound exercises are movements that use multiple muscles and joints to move the weight. Examples of these are bench press, barbell squats, deadlifts, military press and many more. If you have ever been to a weight room you might be familiar with these exercises. But for some reason, many people avoid doing these lifts because of some fear of getting hurt. Every gym has that one older guy in there that tells his horror stories of why is back, knees, and shoulders are messed up from heavy lifting. This is usually the same guy who used to bench press “500lbs” when he was younger…. This is 99% of the time an old fish story.

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