• Katty Pari

Simple Six-Pack

Having a six-pack has got to be one of the most notable symbols of a lean muscular physique to the general population. Now if you ask a bodybuilder you might get answers like “striated glutes”, and “ having that Christmas tree back bro!”.  But let's be honest unless your goal is to put on a pair of posing trunks and stepping on stage, than having striated glutes is not on your list of things to do. For most people having ripped abs or a tight lean midsection is what they are looking for. The six-pack seems to be this mystical destination everyone wants to reach. I mean just look at how many “six-pack secrets” or fancy waist trainers and ab machines are being sold. All over as seen on tv ads and social media you will be bombarded with all these gimmicks. I am here to tell you that sadly… most of that is all just a BS.

There is no “secret” to getting six-pack abs, no waist trainer, and no magic pill, or fit teas for ripped abs. Like literally everything else in fitness/working out the only way to get the result you want. You have to actually work for it. I am sure you have heard the saying “ abs are made in the kitchen” and that is not even true! Let's be real here for a minute, abs are made in the gym through training and cardio. But that does not mean you are going to be able to see those abs just from doing a few sit-ups and leg lifts. Its the combination of weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition. This is what I call the fitness pyramid if you are missing one of these 3 components you will not maximize your results.

Weight training builds and sculps the ab muscles.

Cardio and nutrition make those abs you worked so hard for to come to the surface for you to show off on the beach.

Here is a simple ab training workout that you can add into your regular training routine to enhance your results. There are some guidelines I want you to follow through if you are going to get the best results from this.

  1. First things first, do not do this workout every day! Abs are just like any other muscle and do actually need time to recover. So this ab workout should be done 2-3x per week not 7 days per week!

  2. Cardio baby!! That's right I just dropped the “C Word” lol. Cardio should be done regularly just for health reasons but especially if you want to get that six-pack popping. Get your cardio in post workout for 30 minuts each session. You can add more cardio sessions as you get closer to beach season.

  3. Nutrition is key! Its time to get the most out of your workout. Make sure you are following some type of healthy eating. Some basic things I recommend is eating 4-6 meals per day spaced out every 2-3 hours, track your macros, eat more protein and fewer carbs.

Workout Overveiw:

You will be doing 5 exercises for 3-4 sets each. Take your time on these and do not rush the reps or use momentum. Try to get that mind muscle connection and feel the muscle doing the work.

1. Bosu Ball Crunches: 25-30 reps for 3 sets

2. Leg Lifts on a bench: 20-25 reps for 3 sets

3. Med Ball Twists: 30 reps

-(using a 1,1,2,2 count) for 3 sets

4. Rope Crunchs: 20 reps for 3 sets

5. Ab Wheel Roll Outs: 15-20 reps for 3 sets

Note: You can add in a 4th working set as you progress and get stronger and these exercises.

This basic ab workout is nothing fancy that you need to be some type of gymnast to do. But it gets the job done and will definitely challenge you! If you are newer to working out or have a hard time with these exercises than start with the min rep goal. Try to get a few more reps each week as a goal.

If you follow this workout and the advice given in this article you will be will on your way to having that summer six-pack!

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