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Do you have the right people in your corner?

This blog was inspired by me watching "Rocky III" last night on Amazon video. I know that everyone here has at least seen 1 rocky movie. They are some of my all-time favorite films to watch, they get you pumped up! Watching this movie though made me think of some very important things.

So for those of you have been living under a rock ( no pun intended ) this sequel to Rocky 1 and 2 takes place after Rock Balboa has won the heavyweight title. Since then he has defended his belt 10x, pretty impressive right? Rocky is at the top of the world, happy family, money, cars, the cover of GQ. He thought nothing could knock him down and for the most part, he was right. Flash forward in the movie the state of Philly is holding an event in his honor. At this event, Rocky had planned on announcing his retirement. Right after breaking the news to all of his fans something happened that Rock did not see coming. Clubber Lang a number 1 ranked boxer confronts the undisputed champ. Says that he is no champion, he is retiring because he does not want to fight him. Pretty much anything to trigger the champ Rocky to accept his challenge. Rocky's trainer and manager Micky left, he told rocky he is on his own if he wants to fight Clubber. Than Clubber did something sure to get under Rocky's skin..... He invites Rocky's wife Adrian to come to his apartment to know what its like to be with a real man. IT WAS ON!

When Rocky gets home to talk to Micky who also lived with him because he was like a father to Rock. When he got to Micky's room he see's him packing his bags. This is the part that really got me thinking... When Rock asked why Micky just left him like that he did not like what he was about to hear. Micky said he would be crazy to fight Clubber, that Clubber was a killer, "He's gonna knock you to tomorrow kid. But Rocky is the Champion of the World? He defended his title 10 times!! Why should he sweat some young up and comer? Micky's answer was simple, all of your fights were with guys out of their prime, I was protecting you helping keep the belt. Rocky's whole world came crashing down, all of his fights were with bums. How can he be the best if he was not beating the best fighters? His self-confidence was gone and it felt like the last 3 years were all a lie.

Okay now back to my point after my little story time. If you followed along with that last story you might know what I am getting at here. Rocky was faced with a rude awakening after finding out that his trainer was actually carrying him. Telling him that he was better than he really was. Rocky felt like that belt meant nothing and that he got lucky. He did not care that Micky was trying to help him keep that belt longer. He felt betrayed and like he was really just a loser that got lucky once. He had a "yes man" in his corner and not someone who would give him the honest truth. even if it hurt.

This is so relevant to life and in training. If you constantly have someone just telling you that you are better than you are, you can never grow. You can never be the best that you can be because these people are holding you back. Sometimes the truth is hard to handle, and sometimes you don't want to hut the person because you care about them. But what hurts more is being lied to by someone close to you. I see this all over the place, but worst of all I see trainers that do this. They just build their clients up telling them that they are doing soooo good even when they are not. These clients came to you to get better ant to reach a goal, but because you are too lazy to truly take the time to fix their weaknesses they will never get better. I am not saying scold people for doing something wrong, but just take the time to teach and correct them.... HELP them reach their full potential. If your trainer is just pumping you up with air and not going the extra mile with you, and getting on your case a little when you mess up. Then you are with the wrong person.

So tell me... do you have the right person in your corner? Or are you not being honest with your clients and friends? Lets work together to make America Stronger! Get in the gym and go train, be the best you that you can be! If you liked this blog please subscribe to my news letter so you dont miss an update!

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