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Are you getting the most out of your fitness regime???

Nobody wants to go to the gym and spend all that time and money and not see results. So in this blog, I'm going to give a few examples of ways to switch up your workouts to jumpstart your results.


The first way to change up your workout routine is to literally do just that. Incorporate new exercises into each workout! So even if you keep your training schedule the same but, change the exercises in those workouts you will see gains! So let's use chest as an example... You currently have been doing bench press every week. You know you can press well and you can move heavy weight, but you have not really seen much improvement in your chest. So you can try switching out barbell bench press for some dumbbells bench press! The movement is the same, and the muscles it works are the same but now the weights change, each arm is working independently, and you can get more of a stretch and a fuller contraction of the pecks. This added range of motion and not having one arm make up some strength for the other. It's a sure fire way to see gains and it does not stop there you can do this with every workout!

Another way to add some freshness to your workouts is changing up your set reps! This can go along with changing up your exercises. But we are going to say for this example that its the only change you made to your workout routine. Changing your reps can make a huge difference in your results in the gym. Let's say your workouts always consist of 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps and your weights suite that rep range. SO maybe you have been training this way for a few months or a few years and now the results slowed down. You are not seeing the same gains in the gym anymore, and your body is not changing much. You are hitting a strength Plato its because this rep scheme is focused on hypertrophy (building muscle) and not on gaining strength. We can change things up and do rep ranges from 8-10 reps or 6-8 reps and do more sets. This is an effective rep scheme for building strength and yes strength and bigger muscles are very different! We can talk about that more in another blog, for now, let's move on to the next way you can spice up your fitness.


The last simple strategy I'm going to talk about today is workout frequency and duration. Like the others, this is a common but simple way to boost your results. Let's say you have been working out the past 6 months, 3x per week, doing your strength training for about 30-45 min, and Finnish with 10-15 min cardio. This was giving you awesome results the first few months of this plan, but now you hit a wall. You're not losing weight and you are not dropping body fat. So a good way to change that up is by increasing how often you strength train and do cardio. Basic stuff guys and gals, but what the best way to do that? I'm going to give some examples for you to try on your own. Start my training 4-5x per week, focusing on individual muscle groups. Try back, chest, arms/shoulders, legs/abs. You can also increase you're cardio, ether longer sessions or more cardio sessions. Another good option is to add in interval training like HIIT. I will go more in-depth about HIIT training and steady-state cardio in another blog.

Give some of these a try in your own training, brake through those plates and get the results you deserve. You work hard and want to be better you should have the results to show it. If you are on this blog its because you want to be better. This sets you apart from everyone else and I want to help you be the best you can be. For more content like this subscribe to my newsletter to get updated when the new post is out!

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