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Why Doing Boot Camp Can Boost Your Results!

I am sure you all have heard about bootcamps and maybe you have even thought about joining one. Here is why adding in a bootcamp at least once per week can help improve your results even if you are getting workouts with a trainer. When ever you add in something new with your fitness plan it is always beneficial for many different reasons and here is why!

Lets start off talking about the mental benefits of joining a bootcamp. This is something that gets over looked a lot but it is so important! If we are not having fun or enjoying what we are doing then we are most likely not going to stick to it or be consistent with it. So even if you are already on a regular fitness program this is something new and different that can spice up your workouts! If you are not on a regular fitness program no problem, this is still a fun way to get started with your fitness. This is because you can do it at your own pace, and there are other people that can help motivate and support you!

Another benefit is the variety of exercise and workout style in the bootcamp. You are trying new things, challenging yourself more and maybe doing a completely different type of workout. This in itself can really kick start some new results buy training in a new way and can even break through plato's. Some of my clients work with me ether 1 or 2 times per week because thats what best fits their budget because 1-on-1 training can be expensive. But bootcamp is a more affordable option to get that extra day or two in the gym. Even if you are doing you own workouts when you are not with your trainer this can increase your intensity of the workouts compared to doing it on your own.

Probably the best part about doing a bootcamp is making new friends and meeting new people! Anyone who has been to a big box gym knows that meeting new people at the gym can be a double edge sword! Sure there might be some friendly and nice people there but there is also the people that are not a serious about their goals as you. So they will socialize more then work. Not getting results and hindering your results by not waiting until your workout is over to tell you the latest gossip in the gym. They might even give you bad advice about working out or constantly critique you during your session. This is not a positive way to be and it will not motivate you thats for sure. But when you join a bootcamp you are meeting people with a common goal and want to get results! It becomes a positive support group in the bootcamp you push and motivate each other and make working out fun! You don't have to worry about getting bad advice or being critiqued every workout either. You will have a trained professional running the class teaching you the right way to do the movements.

These are just some of the reasons that I like bootcamp workouts but there are so many! If you have to chance to join one take the leap! You will be happy you did!

Stay fit my friends I will see you in the gym lets motivate, inspire and support each other!

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