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Healthy Ice Cream??🍦🍨

Its Summer!! My favorite time of the year, and what are 2 of everyones favorite things to do in the summer? Go to the beach and enjoy some nice cold ice cream, but what about your beach body?? Well with this list of some of my go to healthy and low calorie ice creams you can enjoy a delicious treat guilt free! There are other brands and flavors then just the ones I list here, these are just some I enjoy and have tried myself.

Halo Top:

Halo Top

This is by far the best tasting of all the ice creams on the list though I am sure there are some just as good. The low calories and high protein are what make this one my personal favorite. At only 240 calories per pint and a whopping 20g of protein make the Halo Top a fan favorite! Try this after intense workout on the beach and you will be looking good and feeling good!

Arctic Zero:

Arctic Zero

Ahh yes the lovely Arctic Zero! Me and this ice cream have been good friends over the past few years. Now flavor although good it is not at the same level as it opponent above. This is most likely because its lactose free and the Halo Top uses some milk and cream. Does that make it any less of a good option? I think not but it also depends on if you have a lactose allergy like myself. there is also many other great facts about Arctic Zero such as, less then 150 cal per pint, gluten free, fat free, all natural or organic ingredients, 14g of whey protein per pint, and much more. You can enjoy this on the beach with your friends and family and not worry about washing out those abs you worked so hard on over the winter!

Arctic Zero Bars:

Arctic Zero Bars

I know I know... I already talked about Arctic Zero but these deserve a honorable mention. These bars are so good and you might not want a whole pint of ice cream. Thought I don't know who would turn it down. These bars are perfect as a nice cold treat that is not too much. They have all the other great ingredients and their pint counter part with one added benefit! They are only 85 calories PER BAR!! That is 70% fewer calories, fat and sugar then other premium bars! So if you want a light cold snack for when you are out sun bathing or at the BBQ these bars are a must!

Get yourself some of these delicious treats for the summer and keep that fit body you worked for!

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