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I am going to do WHAT??


over the years of training my main focus has been bodybuilding. I competed in my first show in 2011 and it is when my passion for bodybuilding first began. During my prep for the show I was unsure about the sport. I researched everything I could about bodybuilding and prepared myself for this new journey. I did not know what to expect, or if I would even make it to the stage. I enjoyed my training and dieting and it was a life changing experience! I continued to compete until my last show in 2014. I learned much along the way, met some awesome people and worked with a coach who aided in getting me in the best shape to date.

Back stage at the 2014 east coast cup.

Since my last contest my focus have been on training my clients and building my business. Opening my own studio has been just as awesome as when I first stepped on stage. Helping other reach their fitness goals is a awesome feeling! But now though I will still continue to train my clients giving them the best training and workouts possible I will also be chasing my fitness goals. Like I said my fitness goals have taken a back seat to my business goals, and now its time I show my clients what I mean when I coach them to work hard!

I have set a goal to get myself back into contest shape. I will have 12 weeks to get myself to this goal, though no show date is set yet. That is because I will be taking on new fitness challenges along this road, and working with new people to improve my expertise in all things fitness. At the end of this I will step back on stage for the first time in 3 years. Over this journey I plan to try all types of fitness and I will document this in my blog. Each week there will be something new in addition to my regular training, will be sharing some of the tips and advise I learn along the way with you guys. I am very excited about this and I hope you all are too.

John Fabi 2013 Photo shoot

Fitness is my passion and it has given me many rewards over the years. My reason for making this blog is in hopes to reach out and inspire as many of you as I can to go out and chase your goals and to improve your fitness or even just your life. If this blog inspires just one of you to get out there and work out or go after your dreams then I have done my job. Love what you do go after your dreams and don't let anyone stop you!

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