• Katty Pari

Whats In My Gym Bag

So I recently posted a YouTube Video about what I keep in my gym bag at any given time.. This video was made to possibly help you understand what some of these tools are, how to use them, and what brands I prefer. This may also help you improve your own workouts and fitness level, these are amazing fitness must haves if you want to take it to the next level.

List of whats in my gym bag.

  1. Reband Knee Sleves

  2. Shiek Weight Lifting Belt

  3. Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

  4. Elitefts Bands

  5. Knee Wraps

  6. Boxing Hand Wraps

  7. Rogue Jumprope

  8. Elitefts Lifting Straps

  9. Lifting Wrist Wraps

  10. BodyMinder Workout Log

  11. Beats Head Phones

  12. Liquid Grip

  13. Gym Towel


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