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3 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Power of weight training to improve health

What is metabolism?.

So what is metabolism we have all heard of it but do you know what it really is? Metabolism is a term that is used to describe the chemical reactions in managing the living state of cells in a organism. Metabolism can be broken up in to two categories.

  • Catabolism (the break down of molecules to get energy).

  • Anabolism ( the synthesis of compounds needed by the cells

Metabolism is linked to nutrition and exercise. There is also metabolic pathways that represent how the cell obtains energy.

So how can we boost metabolism?

One very effective and easy way to boost your metabolism is to eat more smaller meals per day. Most people today only eat 1-3 meals per day because of our fast paced lifestyle. We wake of in the morning skip breakfast and have a coffee, maybe pack a lunch or go out to eat, then have a big carb loaded dinner before we go to bed. This way of eating is a problem, and one reason for your slow metabolism. They are also not active and have little to no lean muscle on their body. This leads to my last example of why your metabolism is slow and that is too little or not restful sleep.

  • Exercise and build lean muscle. Cardio (aerobic exercise) helps with immediate calorie burn, but weight training builds long term calorie burning lean muscle. So don't skip the weights you will not end up looking like a bodybuilder by accident so don’t be afraid of the free weights

  • We should be eating 4-6 meals per day spaced out every 2-3 hours. Eating more frequently through out the day helps you absorb the nutrients in your food better, also you burn calories by digesting food. Metabolism spikes after eating because of the thermogenic effect of food, which keeps your metabolism going.

  • Get good sleep. Sleep deprivation disrupts appetite hormones and slows metabolism. Have a goal for seven hours of restful sleep each night to preserve metabolic harmony. So put your smart phone down, turn off the tv and get some shut eye.

These 3 easy steps can help you jumpstart your metabolism and get you burning that unwanted belly fat. So get to it everyone!

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