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3 Stretches That Will Improve Your Squats.

Squats are a staple exercise if you want to get stronger all over and if you want big tone legs and glutes. This is also one exercise that I feel people struggle with the most! It has a range of reasons why individuals struggle with this movement and those are improper form, knee or joint pain, and overall mobility issues. Now teaching proper form is a big one here and that will be covered in another blog So today what I want to talk about is a few stretches to do before you squat to help make better and stronger at squats.

Deep Squats& Hamstring Stretch

First squat as deep as you can and grab your toes, you will feel a stretch on your inner thighs. Then keeping your fingers under your toes keep your feet flat and lift your butt in the air so that you are in a toe touch. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Piriformis Stretch

This stretch is popular in yoga and it works great! The piriformis is a small muscle in your glutes and most people try to listen it with foam rolling. Combined foam rolling and this stretch will have you covered. To do this stretch start with 1 leg bent out in front of you and your posit leg straight in back of you with your quad flat on the ground. Then bring your arms out past your front leg and your head down to the inside of your knee. Hold for 30 sec and switch sides.

Hip Flexer Stretch

Another stretch seen and used in yoga. This will listen your hips even more and get you squatting ass to the grass! First start in push up position, then staying straight as possible bring one foot to the outside of the same side hand. Push back through your heal of the back leg, pressure hips down and keep your chest up. To switch legs never get out of this “ push up position and bring your front leg back and use your core to bring the opposite leg up into the stretch.

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