• Katty Pari

So you want to start working out.......

So you want to start working out but you don't know where to start….

First starting off in the gym can be a very stressful time. Where do I start, am i doing this right, these people are staring at me, am I going to get injured doing this…. these are just some thoughts that might run through your mind. These thoughts alone can hold you back from actually going to the gym or sticking with your new lifestyle change. If this is you then I want to tell you that you are not alone! In my years as a personal trainer this one of if not the biggest reason why clients tell me they have failed to stick with the gym in the past and why they chose to seek out a trainer. Through out this blog I am going to help you out with some tips, ideas an

d stories from my experience that will get you seeing results.

Where do I start?……

If you are new to the. Gym or just getting started again after some time off where do you start? How many times per week should you train, how to split up you muscle groups, about of cardio you should be doing??? Lets go over some basics, you don't want to over do it your first time in the gym and this is wayyy to common. You just get a new gym membership or dust off you un-used membership card and go to the gym a really go all in! This is the time you are the most motivated right? So you start off with a sweaty cardio session, move into the weights trying out machines for what ever body part you really want to tighten up, and then what happens next? You are so sore you can not move so you than take a week off maybe. Than that turns into a month, that month turns into 2 months…you get the picture. That same motivation that got you in the gym is the same that got you to stop going.

So here are some basic tips for beginners or just to work you back in at a safe pace

  • Start off with a basic 3 day per week schedule with 1 day rest in between (M,W,F)

  • Do a short steady warm up on cardio before doing your strength training. (5 min)

  • Break up your body parts for each day. (Monday= chest & Back, Wednesday = Legs, Friday = Arms and shoulders)

  • Spend a total of 30 min strength training resting about 1 min between each set.

  • Do a total of 6 exercises, 3 sets of each, and 12-15 reps per movement.

  • Do your cardio at the end of your workout.

  • Stay in your target heart rate (to figure your THR, take 220-[your age]= F that is you max heart rate so now take F x 0.65 = your target heart rate)

  • Start cardio at 15-20 min and increase by 5-10 min ever other week

How do exercises properly so I don't get injured?

This maybe some peoples biggest fear as far as the gym goes, and that is getting hurt from doing something improperly. Sports injuries in the gym are very common and extremely avoidable if you take the time to learn your body. What do I mean by learn your body is you have to understand how your body works in movement. Our body’s are very well designed machines and what we understand from biomechanics is there is popper ways of movement.

Range of motion is a huge factor when it any exercise or movement. Most of us have some limitations in our range of motion from our daily lives. For example if you work a desk job that you are sitting working on your computer from 9-5, then you will be my first example. Most likely there will be some impingement in your shoulders, thoracic spine, and your hips. This is caused by your posture and sitting in one position for to long. So without getting too into that the long and the short of it is that if you are not flexible or stretching and well warmed up, than your range of motion will be limited and your joints and muscles will not be ready to do the exercises. That leads to making you more prone to injury’s so its your job to prepare yourself properly before you workout.

  • Make sure you spend at least 5 min warming up your muscles and joints on cardio before you lift weights.

  • Stretch as much as possible and don't forget to do it. Make it a daily ritual like brushing your teeth.

  • Get yourself a foam roller and use it to massage your muscles as often as posable

Now that you are warmed up and stretched out now its time to learn how to do the exercises properly! When I go into my local box gym I cringe at the sight of how some people workout. No I am not insulting anyone I am stating the facts here. Too many people go to the gym with a ego or chip on their shoulder acting like they know what they are doing. The funny thing is they DONT have a clue and their creating more problems for themselves and looking silly doing it. So please people take the time to put your ego down and learn the right way to train.

With how many resources and personal trainers that are out there ( the good ones) I don't know why more people do not take advantage of it. Going to the gym and making up your own workout program and just flying by the seat of your pants is just not going to cut it. Its like trying to change the motor on your car with no knowledge of how and no guidance from someone who does. It is also like cutting and styling your own hair and you done know how to hold a pair of shears or mix hair color. Sounds kinda silly now doesn't it?? There are professionals for a reason and thats to make sure the job gets done right!!!

Don't get me wrong there are some bad mechanics and hairdressers out there just like with trainers, but they are easy to weed out. Its 2017 guys and the internet is king, its even how you found me and my blog today. Everyone and just about everything else is on the internet too, so just like you are now research! If you are looking for a good trainer, gym, mechanic, hairdressers you can find them right hereon the internet. If you want to know someone else's experience with that person or place, you don't even need to know anyone you can just look at their reviews! What a beautiful time to be alive right? So now that you know how find the best trainer for you the ball is in your court to make the effort and commitment to learn and better achieve your goal with your new trainer.

But I can’t afford a trainer…..

The internet wins here again my friends because now there is even more affordable ways to work with a trainer, I even use the methane myself to train clients. SO you can not afford working with a trainer doing one-on-one sessions right? Or maybe you can afford 1-2 times per week but don't feel like its enough to get you to your goals. I have two options here for you and number one is that if you can afford any in amount of one-on-one sessions do it. Yes even if its one session per week, because now you have a connection with the good personal trainer you found online, and they can do the same as the online trainer. Your trainer will create a workout program for you that you can follow on your own, and you still see them to touch base and get new workouts 1-2 times per week

Online training is the way of the future and I have been involved in it since 2013. I have seen great success with many clients over the years using this method. Clients have come to me for regular every day people looking to get in better shape and even competitive bodybuilders. With online training you can get custom workout and nutrition plans, track your progress, communicate with your trainer at any time, and have video/written instruction on how to do each workout properly.

This is a fantastic way to get results working with a professional and the best part is that it is affordable and convenient because most cases you will be able to access all of this right on your smart phone or computer. But its not for everyone, why is that?? I’ll tell you its becau