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Why are you not losing weight with your current fitness plan or trainer...

Okay so I hear this a lot being a personal trainer.

I am sick of here and excuse for everything. I have heard it all, I don't like black coffee... but I need my coffee, how am I supposed to not have pasta, I need my wine. That is BS if you want to get in shape, and you want a fit tone body then you will have no problem giving these things up.

Maybe you just don't want it bad enough!

You are not going to like what I'm going to say but you need to hear it. YOU JUST DONT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!! If you are talking about losing weight then you should be able give up some cream and sugar. Let's be real here if you are at the point you are so fed up struggling with your weight and, not being happy when you look in the mirror. Then you will do what ever it takes to reach your goals! A trainer is a great resource to get you going in the right direction. He or she will give you the knowledge and tools for success but it's your job to follow the direction and listen to what they tell you.

You are working with a trainer but still not losing weight fast.

So now you are working with a trainer great! The hardest part is over with, your got in the door but now what? You have to work is what! You hired your new personal trainer to help you get results and to teach you what you need to know to reach what ever you goal is. The thing is this…..you actually have to do the things your trainer tells you to do! I am sure you are doing the work with your trainer during your sessions with them, but what you do when you walk out of the gym doors counts just as much. This has to be a life style change, and if you think that a few 30min to a hour sessions per week is enough then you are wrong! That is not a lifestyle change, its not committing to your goals when you train 2-3 times per week but, still go out to eat and drink with friends or still have your favorite snacks at home. You have to listen to what your trainer says and be honest if you are not, it is only going to help you. you must also know that reaching your goal weight does not happen over night at this point. A safe and healthy weight loss goal is 1-2lbs per week.

You are not following a meal plan or you are cheating on your meal plan

This is the big one and why I saved it for last. If you are not reaching your goals and you have a good meal plan but are not following it 100% then you will fail. If your trainer put together a meal plan that was proven to work in the past or gave you results then it should still work. When I give my clients meal plans I am constantly changing them as needed, but some times clients fail to stick with it. so in those cases I may change the plan to include more foods that the client likes. If a client does not tell me that they are eating anything extra or snaking for example then the meal plan will fail, and I will not know what to change. There is also times where the client will not tell me and make changes themselves and this is a common problem that will lead to disaster! Always communicate with your trainer and keep them in the loop, dont just make changes thinking that its okay. You hired a trainer for their knowledge and guidance so get your moneys worth and learn from them and ask questions.

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