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Stop going to the gym without a plan!

Everywhere I look when I’m in the gym I will always see at least one person who is clearly "Freestyling" with their workout. Now don’t get me wrong for some people more advanced in the gym might come in without a set workout routine, but they have a set plan in their head of what they are training and how they will do it. I am talking about the everyday gym goer who is just getting started in the gym. If you are new to the gym and have your heart set on losing weight or building more muscle or whatever your goal may be. Then this is the time that is most important to have a plan that is going to put you on that path to achieving your goal! I mean this is the time that you are the most motivated right? So why would you want to waste your time in the gym by not having a plant to get you to your goals? You might think that "well doing something is better than nothing" and this is very true but doing something and working your butt off but not seeing the change or result you are looking for is pretty discouraging don’t you think? Maybe you just think it’s going to be easier than it really is, but let me tell you there is no shortcuts, no magic pill, no hidden secret, it’s HARD, HARD WORK! Let me tell you if getting in shape was easy than everyone would be in amazing shape with their dream body and I would be jobless!

If you feel like you might someone who has been working out and does not have a plan then you might want to consider these few things! See if your gym offers a first workout or fitness assessment with one of their CERTIFIED personal trainers. This is a great way to get a starting point and better understand what you need to improve on and learn some basic form. Even better once you meet with the trainer you might feel inline to sign up but the fear of "how expensive it is" to work with a trainer is really just a myth in my book! You just have to talk with the trainer and see what type of plans that he or she may offer and find one that best fits your budget but will still give you enough sessions to fit your needs. For example a client might come to me looking to train twice per week but really can only afford 1 session per week. In this case I would recommend doing 2 sessions every other week. This will give the client the best of both worlds and is not braking the bank. If you are signed up with a good trainer who is as goal focused as you are (like the trainers at Fabi Elite Fitness) he or she will make you feel comfortable in the gym, take the time to teach you proper form, motivate you and push you wail at the same time preventing posable injury, and track your progress in a workout log. To wrap this all up for you lets recap, don’t go to the gym without a plan, don’t make the mistake of not optimizing the time when you are most motivated, getting fit is not as easy as you think, you have to put the work in to get results, and finally don’t be afraid to work with a trainer or ask them for help! Take the time to sit with a trainer if you are serious about your goals. It might be more helpful then you thought, and well it might be more affordable than you thought as well!

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